Project Description

The Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) likes to present a wide range of branding and advertising opportunities to their clients.
With the re-development of Dublin airport and the construction of Terminal 2 the DAA were looking for new opportunities to present to their clients. Any new marketing platform had to be tasteful and attractive so as not to detract from the brand new billion euro airport.

On recommendation from PML’s Ambient Media division the DAA contacted Bay Media to enquire about using our patented lamppost banner system. After the initial meeting and subsequent approval by management it was decided to apply for planning permission for twenty lamppost banners. These banners were to be positioned at the set-down area for Terminal 2, the approach to Terminal 2 car park and on the approach road to Terminal 1.

Bay Media worked very closely with the DAA during the planning process. The technicians at the DAA and the planning authorities required a number of very detailed documents relating to the positioning of the banners and also the technical specifications of the brackets and banners. Bay Media supplied the DAA with mock-up illustrations depicting how the banners would like on-site. A number of technical documents were also required such as independent wind testing reports for the patented bracket system. Bay Media also supplied requested 3D graphic models of the brackets among other documents.

When planning permission was granted for the banners the next step was to develop specific method statements, health and safety statements and traffic management statements for working on the airport site. A permit must be issued by the DAA for any work to be carried out on site. The permit system is to ensure all contractors on site have the necessary documentation but also to ensure the smooth continued operation of the airport if there is an incident.

Again Bay Media worked closely with the DAA to develop statements that dealt with the specific issues related to working at the airport.

The final step was the installation of the lamppost banners themselves. Even with all the careful planning this stage still required attention to detail as one the banner locations had to be changed so as not to interfere with security CCTV.

Bay Media supplied the DAA with artwork templates to allow them have the clients set up the artwork in advance any bookings.

By any measure the use of lamppost banners by the DAA as new branding and advertising  opportunities for their clients has been a resounding success. Clients who have benefited from this, high profile, visually attractive marketing platform include, Ladbrokes, Bank of Ireland, Northern Ireland Tourist Board, FedEx, Renault and The Gathering.

“At DAA we like to present a wide range of advertising and branding opportunities to our clients. To this end, we approached Bay Media with a view to installing lamppost banners at Dublin Airport and working together this new format has proved to be a great success during 2012.  During the set up, Bay Media went the extra mile to understand our business and were exceptionally helpful in the overall planning process submitted to Fingal County Council. They continue to provide on-going support and service to DAA and our clients in order to ensure that each campaign is executed in a timely and professional manner”
Loreto O’Byrne, Head of Sales- Dublin Airport Authority Advertising, VIP & Executive Lounges