Bay Media Ireland Lamppost banner flags at Irish Open


  • Massive impact
  • High recall
  • Attractive
  • Excellent value
  • Adds colour and vibrancy
  • Creates occasion
  • Urban promotion
  • Durable
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 ‘Our aim at Bay Media is to make a real change in peoples daily lives.  To transform the roads we daily travel on. To make your street an inspiration, exciting and memorable’   – Colm.

€356 per installed lamppost banner.* Includes, patented spring tensioned bracket system, 2×0.8 metre solid PVC, pre-stretched banner, printed on both sides with UV protected ink. Brackets installed using solid stainless steel banding, doubled over and in triplicate. Works done by trained engineers to the highest standard.

Once bracket system is installed, banners and poles can easily be removed leaving just the discrete bracket in place. This makes our patented system ideal for annual events and festivals.

Replacement banners just €189.

*minimum order of 10-12 units

Clean giro truck with logo copy


  • Trained engineers
  • Fully certified
  • Experienced planning team
  • Public liability insurance
  • Nationwide
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Excellent service
  • Proven success
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